Will the Galaxy A5 disappoint the anticipating fans with its appearance? Before going over the latest revealing, let’s take a sneak on the new cult of ‘Infinity Display.’

The new trend of tall and nearly bezel-less displays is turning old by now. Ranging from lesser known brands to the market leaders like LG are coming up with the designs for their devices.

So, it’s quite natural that Samsung will not be left out of the mix. Well, Galaxy S8 of the leading smartphone manufacturer was one of the inceptive devices in utilizing the Infinity Display design.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Latest Revealing

Now, the market rumors direct us towards believing that the A series of the brand will receive the ‘infinity treatment.’ This far, we were in the dark regarding the appearance of the end product, but until now. We have the latest revealing presenting hot for you!

The new renders do not give away any features except the appearance right out of the manufacturer’s box. As per a previous suggestion, the Galaxy A5 does look like a shrunken version of the Galaxy S8.

The device is without a curving display edge and features a Bixby Key, as per earlier rumors. Now, the case giveaway does not display this – but most likely there would be a fingerprint scanner below the camera.

Expected to be released in 2018, Galaxy A5 enormously resembles the S8, only bigger. The older case renders indicate more on the identical appearance between the two. Additionally, the previous A series phones have featured similar aesthetics, with differences in form factor. This tells us that Samsung maybe is willing to keep the tradition.

As for the American users, they might be further disappointed that the mid-range A5 series is launched everywhere but the US. Rather, the country will receive the J series, which is another design. What’s even worse for the Americans is that the redesigned series of Samsung may not release by next year.