Panasonic Gitex 2017: Exciting Range of Products Showcased

Panosonic Gitex 2017

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Panasonic introduced a range of exciting products at the Gitex Technology Week 2017. The products range from sleek stadium mapping projector, the highly durable new series of laptops and tablets, to a high-end cinema camera and dual native ISO settings with 4K/60fps capability.

The main features of AU-EVA 1 compact cinema camera are the following:

  • Super35 sized sensor  
  • A better low-light performance  
  • Dual native ISO settings
  • The camera capture feature of 4K/10-bit images
  • Video recording of 4K/60 fps or 2K/240 fps

The low weight of 1.2kg makes it perfectly fit for handheld photo and video shoots.

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Presentations of Panasonic Gitex 2017

Alongside the camera, Panasonic displayed Toughbook laptops, like the CF-20, CF-54, and the CF33, which has a detachable screen. Additionally, the company displayed the new FZ-series of ToughPad tablets. These devices can work under extremely harsh conditions.  

Furthermore, Panasonic unveiled the new PT-RZ970 projector, that can be used on stadiums to create high-quality and immersive projections on the field. The projector’s capabilities are demonstrated by using a mini set of Japan’s Suita Football stadium. The ‘Osaka Derby Projection Night’ was shown via the projector. This presentation was produced and directed by Panasonic.

Next, Panasonic demonstrated realistic projections using its fisheye lens. The projections were made on dome theaters, planetariums, theme parks and events. The fisheye lens works with any Panasonic 3-Chip DLP Projector and has 183-degree viewing angle with 4K+ resolution projection. That’s not all, as the lens packs wide lens shift, along with surrounding focus correction when projecting from short distances.

Source: Tech Radar

Panasonic Gitex 2017: Exciting Range of Products Showcased