Pizza Hut recently launched ‘Pizza Parka’ that includes a pouch for your smartphone, and you can place an order in two taps. While it sounds pretty handy, it doesn’t have much of an appearance.

As far as looks are concerned, you may not want to wear the Parka for it looks a little lurid. The pouch features numerous brands and showcases a little too much promotional appearance.

Furthermore, it seems like a ‘wacky jacket’ that Pizza Hut uses in the aim to promote Pizza Parka, its ‘latest pizza delivery system.’ In fact, it doesn’t just look like a ‘bag,’ but hosts a few features for further conveniences.

The jacket packs the following features:

  • An advanced triple-layer insulation.
  • It has a 3M Thinsulate material built.
  • A weatherproof outer crust.
  • Oven-hot sealed seams.

Therefore, you don’t just get to taste warm pizza, But have an ideal container that suffices you while moving.

As for the passionate pizza lovers, the best feature of Pizza Parka would be that of ‘easy-ordering window.’ This is placed in the left sleeve, where the smartphone can be kept. The pocket gives you easy access to order, which will take seconds. The clear window will provide you with tracking till you get to taste the pizzas. Last but not the least, the jacket features an inside pocket as well, that can contain a pizza slice. But the video’s narrator reminds that the pocket is not meant for containing pizzas.

This Parka has a limited edition tag. You get to have one of it through a prize draw. You can enroll yourself through placing an order on the Pizza Hut website within now and the end of this month. Well, the month October, in case you didn’t know, is the National Pizza Month.

There is another way you can get the jacket, maybe to ‘win’ it for gifting. You can enter this draw via tweeting a pizza slice with a flame emoji to the Pizza Hut Twitter profile.

Pizza Parka isn’t the first promo via clothing…

This jacket is not the first time the company aimed to expand its business promotion through clothing. Earlier in 2017, Pizza Hut came up with Pie Tops, which are unique sneakers with a button in the tongue. If you press the button, you are placing an order right to Pizza Hut!

What do you think of the mixes of Pizza Hut that includes clothing, technologies, convenience, and fun? While enjoying your hot crispy snack, share your views in the comments section!