Samsung Highlights Vision-Friendly Tools to Increase Accessibility

Samsung Vision Friendly Tools

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It’s been a while that White Cane has helped the blind & visually impaired ones all around the globe. 15th October is the White Cane Safety Day. It celebrates their achievements.

The company has chosen this occasion to highlight the Samsung Vision-Friendly tools developed to increase the usability of their products among these people. Samsung doesn’t want anyone to miss their flagship products.

The new High Contrast Theme introduced by Samsung, already available on Samsung Theme Store, is designed exclusively for users with reduced vision capabilities. The second version of that theme, named Sky Black, which was released recently, has been well appreciated globally. The black background used in these themes doesn’t hurt the vision while you hold the phone very close to your eyes. It helps to increase the clarity of texts as well. Sky Black has become quite popular among the general users too.

The first High Contrast theme was released with Galaxy S8, earlier this year. It was downloaded for almost a million times. This inspired Samsung to develop the further versions.

Previously, when Samsung introduced the Invert Color option in the browser, the pictures were inverted as well. That didn’t turn out to be a good experience for the users. This issue is sorted in the new Samsung Internet app. This app has received positive responses in the beta phase & will be officially launched in the coming weeks.

This move from Samsung, making integral products as smartphones, accessible to everyone is hugely praised by people from all over the world.

Source: Samsung Newsroom

Samsung Highlights Vision-Friendly Tools to Increase Accessibility