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Tim Cook Wandered Through Swedish Forests with Apple’s Packaging Partner Company

Oct 13, 2017, 1:36 pm

As per the social media updates of Apple CEO Tim Cook, he has been visiting Europe this entire week. Specifically, he visited the cities like Paris, Normandy, and London.

Most interestingly, he wandered through the forests of Northern Sweden on Thursday. He was accompanied by a ‘secret’ packaging partner company of Apple. One of his tweets says that the forests are ‘breathtaking.’

Before the forests, Tim briefly checked in to the Stockholm office of Apple. Then, he took off in a black Mercedes for his ‘breathtaking’ journey with representatives of Iggesund Paperboard.

Iggesund Paperboard is the company under the Holmen Group and is into making fiber paperboard. And, Holmen has been engaged in ‘secretly’ supplying sustainable packaging for Apple’s products like iPad. This partnership is continuing since more than a decade now, according to Dagens Industri (Di), the Swedish news site.

As for Cook’s visit to Sweden, he met with Henrik Sjölund, the CEO of Holmen. As per reports, the meeting was held at Holmen’s factory in Hälsingland.

Well, Sjölund provided the following statement to Di – “This has been secret for so many years. It’s nice to get some cred when he came and greeted us after more than ten years of development work together.”

As far as Iggesund is concerned, it makes multi-layer cartons out of the chemical pulp. Di reports that the cartons are made flexible enough to bend, but without cracking.

Regarding the value of Holmen’s relationship with Apple, Sjölund highlighted about Apple’s inspiring attributes. He said that Apple is ‘extremely careful and demanding’, which led Holmen towards product development.

Tim Cook not only visited the factory but also planted a few pine trees in northern Sweden.

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