Early Exit of Google Cupcake Feature, turns to be Lesson in UX Design

Oct 17, 2017, 5:45 am

Shreeya G.

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Google is a big social giant, literally ruling today’s social world. It never left a single doubt or space in whatever it may come up with. Well, everybody hit a wall though! The recent news may be quite difficult for Google followers to digest, but this giant had to face defeat in case of its recently launched mobile app Google Cupcake.
Google Cupcake feature rolled out a new feature in Maps for iPhone users in the US. When you walk to a certain place this feature counts calories burnt by depicting it equivalent to the mini cupcake.

Many users showed their dislike to this feature, which proved to be a fast death for Google Cupcake. It is very unfortunate, and is said to be one of the quickest exits of any mobile app launched till now. Users who disliked the feature reported that it triggered people who suffered from eating disorders or would make them feel guilty for indulging in sweet treats. In addition, there was no way to disable the cupcake count.

Initially, when this feature was launched, it was scanned by many Twitter users. The users shared their unwillingness towards following this app through various social sites. The monarch of the social world was thus shaken in the battleground.

After a proper review of the reason for this unfortunate event, we can conclude that you can’t go wrong even a single time for a single moment, as it may swipe you away despite your goodwill in the market.

It seems Google clearly failed to test this new feature internally with a representative user base. It is therefore advisable to carry out some initial tests and refer its feedback from its users. It seems better to check all spheres before directly putting the expectation of your loyal users to test.

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