Report: OnePlus 5T to hit the Market in first week of November

OnePlus 5 OxygenOS

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Customers, suddenly, are not being able to find any OnePlus 5 in a lot of markets. Until last reported, only a few color variations of the phone were available in some countries like India, Hong Kong, and the Chinese mainland. It doesn’t look like an inconvenience though, not anymore, after the news of OnePlus sending out invites for an event being hosted by them, on the 5th of November, came out. We think it’s time for the much awaited one plus 5T.

The indications are quite clear. The date, November ‘5T’h, itself is a big hint. On taking a close look at the invitation poster one can easily notice the silhouette of a phone with comparatively thinner top bezel than OnePlus 5. A vertical line running from the top bezel appears to be forming a ‘T’ as well.

The event, about to be hosted at the Shenzen Spring Sports Centre, will most probably be live streamed worldwide.

OnePlus 5T Event

OnePlus 5T is rumored to have a 6-inch display with 18:9 aspect ratio. The phone may get rid of the earphone jack in order to be waterproof and get an IP67 rating. The back of the phone can get a new designed with the dual rear cameras shifted to a different position. The phone will most probably be running on either Android Oreo or Android Nougat. If it’s Android Nougat, it’ll obviously get upgraded to Android Oreo later. It will probably have a slightly larger battery compared to its predecessors, as well.

There can be two possible reactions among the customers as a result of this particular tradition of releasing a successor in such short notice of OnePlus. They can be either really angry or really excited.

What’s your reaction? Don’t hesitate to express yourself in the comment box below.

Update: The Chinese company confirmed to GSMArena that the invitation was fake. Although OnePlus has not given any statement for the reason behind OnePlus 5’s being out of stock.

Source: Gizmochina

Report: OnePlus 5T to hit the Market in first week of November