Finally, there seems to be an end of the recent feuds between Apple and Qualcomm, as Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf says. According to him, the current issues are all only business, and both the companies aim to shake hands and continue working together.

Now, Qualcomm is the largest supplier of mobile chips in the world. Adding Mollenkopf’s words with this fact, as he says that the firm has a ‘strong product relationship’ with Apple. When asked about disputes popping up, Steve pointed out that they have a ‘broad relationship.’

As for an expected time, by which the feud would be resolved, the executive didn’t have any, assured that it will happen. In the meantime, it does look like Qualcomm replaced Samsung as the company supporting the pockets of Apple’s legal advisors!

Presently, the San Diego based firm supplies modern chips to Apple for iPhones, and to Intel as well. On a similar note, last year saw Qualcomm’s X12 modem be superior to Intel XMM 3360 modem. The former was used with CDMA versions of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and the latter – GSM versions of the mobiles. This led Apple to run after Qualcomm for imposing equality between the carrier versions of these iPhones.

As for the lawsuit issues between Apple and Qualcomm, the latter decided not to license its essential standard patents at non-discriminatory price rates. Additionally, Apple claimed that Qualcomm didn’t pay $1 billion in royalty funds, keeping Apple still being owed. Furthermore, Qualcomm complained that Apple said to its contract manufacturing partners ‘not to pay chip maker royalties owed to it.’ Lastly, Qualcomm filed to the Chinese for banning iPhone sales to the country.

The fight over the patents and payments is continuing since January. As Steve hopes, the two companies are ultimate to find common grounds. Apple remained unavailable so far for a request to comment.