Paying with Google Makes Your Payment Checkout Easier

Paying with Google

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Google has come up with enhancements that are to make your online payment checkouts easier. Today, Google’s Pali Bhat, VP of Product Management, Payments, revealed about the advancement in a blog.

After your online payments, the checkout part often gets frustrated – so much so that you may have had to start it all over again! Well, if you are paying with Google, starting today, your online checkout experience is going to be pacey and smooth, and you will be done ‘with a few quick clicks.’

While paying with Google, any of your credit and debit cards – that are added to your Google account (from products such as Android Pay, Google Play, Chrome or YouTube) – are suitable. Google will directly send the payment info and shipping address to the merchant while using the info in your account. This saves you from the tediousness of typing all the details. After receiving the info, the merchant will act accordingly – ‘like any other purchase.’

The following shows you the comfort in using Google for payments in the Instacart app:

You can now pace through the checkout while shopping in – the apps such as iFood, Dice, or Kayak, or – ‘on the web with Chrome.’ Check out several of the popular apps that you can pay in with Google, with more to come:

Now, back in May this year, Google already showed us how paying with Google will be. Finally, you can actually use it for smooth online payment and checkouts. That’s not all, as Google makes space for developers as well. While you own an app or a website, you can go through the developer docs for learning to use the Google Payment API. It is free of cost, where only a few lines of code will be good enough for your implementation.

Furthermore, Google joined hands with several payment providers for simplified integration:

On a conclusive note, paying with Google gives you the space to ‘make the most of every moment’ – as your checkout becomes easy and fast.

Source: Google Blog

Paying with Google Makes Your Payment Checkout Easier