Kaspersky Suffers from US-Russia Tension Plans to Introduce an Independent Agency

Kaspersky Independent Agency

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Kaspersky is planning to introduce an independent organization within the first 3 months of 2018. It will review its product code and software updates and product compliance threat detection method. At the same time, another independent agency will be opened as well, to assess Kaspersky’s product lifecycle processes, software, and supply chain risk control strategy.

The company has decided to work with independent agencies to develop additional internal controls to monitor the company’s data processing operations and to follow the status of its compliance. Three transparent centers will be opened to provide the partners with product code, software updates and threat detection methods and other activities. The first center will be inaugurated by 2018 in America with the other two planned in Europe and Asia by 2020. 

Kaspersky is raising the number of independent security researchers at the end of this year by earning a maximum of $100,000 for the most important loopholes.

It’s just the first step in the company’s global transparency program. Kaspersky also plans to invite information security professionals to participate in planning the company’s second half of the follow-up program in 2018.

Things got complicated for Kaspersky in the US government due to the tension between Russia & US. In September, the US government ordered all departments to remove Kaspersky products in three months, followed by a chain of retail outlets, BestBuy and Office Depot. Although Kaspersky firmly denied, there was unfavorable news during the period. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month, the Russian software company will be the national security network attack intelligence, back to the Russian server. The Russian government though intercepted the acquisition.

Source: iThome

Kaspersky Suffers from US-Russia Tension Plans to Introduce an Independent Agency