All Passengers Received a ‘Small Gift’ on Air – Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Passengers Gifted Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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This news may be quite surprising, and at the same time, may make you feel quite unlucky. This news feed from Spain has revealed that all 200 passengers of flight IB 0513 received free Samsung Galaxy Note 8. According to our reports, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cost nearly about 1000 €. The sources may predict it as one of the marketing strategies or advertisement by Samsung.

All passengers of the flight IB 0513 from La Coruna to Madrid received this small gift from the flight attendants. The Spanish PR department, from Samsung, has commented on this marketing move with the following lines: “When we fall, we do not just stand up, we learn to fly!”

This action of Samsung has brought a smile on all the passengers of IB 0513. Samsung is an upcoming giant along with Apple and Google who keep on upgrading its tech gadgets at its best. The company seems not to forget the best marketing strategies either.

Finally, I can wish you all to be one of the lucky people to experience this moment if it occurs again. For more surprises, stay tuned with us as we can’t promise to gift you Note 8, but can provide you with all the latest feed of tech generation. That’s why we proudly say we are TG’an and we belong to tech generation.

Source: AllAboutSamsung

All Passengers Received a 'Small Gift' on Air - Samsung Galaxy Note 8