For the last two decades, mobile phones have been dominating the electronics market in a successful way. The nomenclature has also been changed to smartphones, as it is capable to accomplish activities apart from calling and receiving phone calls. With the passing years, the gadget is getting more powerful with the advancing technology. Usage of smartphones has been proven to be beneficial in the personal as well as the commercial field. The advent of mobile applications has brought revolution in the world of technology. Even various businesses run on the basis of these applications. In this article, we will know the flow with which the Android app development in India is changing.

Mobile Phone Applications

The most user-friendly mobile applications can be downloaded from the Android Play Store and App Store, which is exclusively available to iPhone users. Due to the busy lifestyle and easy usage of the latest technology, people prefer using smartphones for various activities. Hence, the Android Apps are developing in a huge way. But, to cater the needs of different industries, the tailored or bespoke App is in demand. This helps bring the latest technology and innovations closer to the general people. It has been anticipated that the mobile applications will grow in a tremendous way in the present year, as the upcoming trends will impact it in a remarkable way. Let’s check the trends in the following points:

1. Conjugation of IoT with Apps

IoT is has brought revolution in the world of technology. It has made various gadgets smarter and more innovative. The embedded chips and sensors on the objects have allowed exchanging data between the computer and target gadget. Once the apps are amalgamated with IoT, the results will oomph up the industries like the security, health, medicine, automotive, and much more.

2. Ascent of Artificial Intelligence

We, the human beings don’t work based on a particular formula, but use our intelligence to accomplish any activity. Won’t it be great if machines could do the same? Artificial Intelligence has made it possible. When it is used in the apps, these are able to function in an independent way after understanding the diversified instructions rather than following the pre-set rules. Few of the most effective examples are Siri, Prisma, Google Now, etc.

3. Advanced GPS Systems

Location-based services are very useful in industries like travel, security, retail, etc. Various companies from the aforementioned industries are using this service to get the real-time information of the smartphone users. This has made the world a convenient and safer place to live in.

4. Wearable Technology

Won’t it be great if the intelligent features of a smartphone can be accessed from a watch? Well, the latest technology has made it possible. This trend has arrived as a boon to the sports and medical industry. The fitness regime and the biometry can be tracked very easily with these gadgets.

5. Augmented & Virtual Reality

The assimilation of AR & VR in the apps has rattled the mobile industry. With the help of these technologies, an illusion is created in the user’s mind. VR is used to see 3D movies, where this technology is used in a supporting gadget. AR is used to make the games appear real to the players.

6. Beacon Technology

This innovative technology has made the multifunctional activities easier for the users. It was designed for the iPhones, but now Android has adopted its supreme benefits. The last location, temperature, danger, etc. can be detected very easily with this technology.

7. Enhancing the Security of the App

A smartphone can easily replace calculator, wallet, laptop, etc. where various personal and confidential data is stored. Hence, the security of the device is of utmost importance; otherwise, the data can get vandalized. Hence, Google has stressed upon the cybersecurity of the Android apps which if not maintained properly can impose greater threats.

8. Access to the Liter Version of an App

There are apps which are not used frequently but acquire a good amount of space in the internal memory of the smartphone. To avoid this, a liter version is developed by the respective app developer, which lets the user download the app partially.

9. Payments Through Android Apps

Android app development in India has taken a new turn with this technology. Even if you forget to carry a wallet with you, online payments can be easily done with the help of an app called Android Pay. It stores the debit/credit card information which makes the payment easier.

10. Searching the App Within Your Phone

At times, we can forget the location and function of an app on the phone. The search wastes a considerable amount of time. This has been made easy with the in-app search.


Along with the apparels and technology, the trend involved in the most used gadget in the world needs changing. The latest Android app development in India has brought revolution which will benefit the users in a huge way.

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