Skype for Android Has More Than 1 Billion Downloads

Skype For Android

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Skype is probably the oldest messaging application we use today. Owned by Microsoft, it was born with a computer interface. For a long time, the company has tried to transform the application. Currently, it offers a very striking mobile experience for users. Apparently, with the most recent changes, it has gained a new life. This time, according to information from the company itself, Skype for Android has more than 1,000 million downloads in the Google Play Store.

A renewed Skype application

Skype for Android has revived a few months ago. First, the most noticeable change was the new, more colorful interface. Until then, the application had a white background with blue highlights. Currently, users can choose a white or black theme and choose whether they want colors or black and white enhancements.

On the other hand, in order to win over a younger audience, the company also presented with the update of the Moments section a few months ago. In this, users can post stories that the contacts can comment on. This functionality is similar to what exists in Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, among others.

In addition, Skype also has group conversations, gif extensions, polls, news, videos, and events. In addition, for some time, the platform also began to support bots powered by artificial intelligence.

In 2015, the instant messaging service announced that its Android application had more than 500 downloads on Google Play. Therefore, it is a great advance that Skype now has twice as many downloads.

The services of Skype are still very robust and the company has bet on the renewal of its image on the desktop as well. We’ll see if all the efforts becomes fruitful, and if they manage to compete better with Facebook.

Source: VentureBeat

Skype for Android Has More Than 1 Billion Downloads