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Apple Dismisses the Father of the Young Woman Who Leaked the First Video of the iPhone X

Oct 29, 2017, 4:30 am

This week we had a lot of news about the iPhone X, and one of the most commented was the video where a young YouTuber showed us the phone operation for a few seconds. The video was taken from the headquarters of Apple.

The video went viral and managed to be on the first page of YouTube for several days, but finally, the story did not have a happy ending, because as explained by the daughter of the YouTuber, her father has been fired from Apple. 

The reason is quite simple because the iPhone X that showed the young corresponded to a unit of an employee of the company. In addition, QR codes with sensitive information were shown and the application of notes could have revealed some of Apple’s plans for the future.

All this left Apple with no choice but to let the employee go because any other decision would speak ill of the company in terms of security. Anyway, the explanation of everything that happened can be reviewed in the last video of the young woman whose father no longer works for the company based in Cupertino. It would still be interesting to see any further updates from his family whether or not everything is fine. Though as her father is an Apple engineer, He would not face any hard times finding a good decent job to earn his living.

Source: Recode

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