Samsung Internet is now made available for phones running Android 6.2, and it has received a new update. The app can be downloaded from Google PlayStore and Samsung Galaxy Apps. The new update includes practical functions like tracking blocker and night mode.

Another significant improvement in the app is that of Samsung’s Chromium-based browser for Android. New features are constantly receiving regular updates, providing the app a more practical makeover. Downloading the latest update, as in the Samsung Internet 6.2, will get you to all the new features.

The night mode and the high-contrast mode are very easy to access – from menu and accessibility settings, respectively. You can also Disconnect tracking blocker for blocking invisible trackers during your online presence.

Furthermore, the new update lets you sync bookmarks from other browsers – even from your desktop computer. All you will need is the Samsung Internet extension for your Chrome browser. The web design is now updated to Chromium 56, and going to the internet: //flags will lead you to experimental features.

Samsung Internet runs on not just Samsung devices, but on other Android devices as well, with 5.0 or above. Both the public app stores, of Google and Samsung, have the updated version of the app.