Google Releases Poly Platform to Promote AR and VR Content

Google Poly

This week Google released its Poly platform in an aim to promote VR and AR. On this platform users can upload, view, and download 3D objects and scenes. This further assists developer in embedding 3D content in VR and AR programs.

The Poly platform is consisting of a Google-created VR drawing tool, Tilt Brush, and Blocks 3D. Users can further upload 3D model format collecting 3D scenes and objects.

Presently, the platform provides thousands of free 3D models ranging from flowers and musical instruments to animals and robots. The entire updated platform will soon be released though a specific date is yet to be confirmed.

The Poly platform aims at simplifying the developers’ processes in creating VR and AR programs. As for a general user, you can go through numerous 3D models and create shareable GIFs as well.

Google seems quite dedicated to progress in the field of AR and VR with promising evolutionary futures. What do you think of its recent action? How are you coping up with the pace? Share your thoughts in comments and stay tuned for further latest tech updates!

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