Skype Features SAVEUR Bot to Add Flavors to User’s Life

Nov 2, 2017, 4:30 am

Shreeya G.

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We all have that hidden MasterChef inside us. Basically, we all love to try out some new delicacies on our own and give our tongue a heavenly touch. So here Skype brings you a surprise, as it is partnering with SAVEUR magazine to bring you the SAVEUR bot.

The SAVEUR bot lets you explore the various delicious recipes you need to add it for your food chart. This SAVEUR bot will message you with delicious recipes every week and provide helpful tips and tricks.

This app doesn’t need much, it’s just as simple as that you know an ingredient and you search for the recipes related to same. SAVEUR bot also gives you unprecedented access to thousands of recipes and cooking tips – all accessible by simply starting a chat.

For adding bot you just need to:

  • Tap the +icon and then tap Find Bots.
  • Then search for SAVEUR and select it when displayed.
  • Finally, you just need to click on Get Started button and add contacts.

It’s that simple and easy to start. So here you have a great opportunity to boost up your taste buds and share it with your close ones. Then, what are you looking for? Turn in and be a MasterChef of your kitchen. And yes, don’t forget to share your experience with us. All the best.

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