Truck Carrying iPhone X Looted, Apple Stated Will Not Affect Sale

iPhone X Loot

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A breaking news for all iPhone users. According to latest reports, a truck carrying iPhone X was looted in San Francisco around 2 am.  The sources reveal Apple stated that this incident will not affect the sale of the company.

This incident took place at the local time 2nd of November around 11:15 to 11:30. There were about three men dressed in hoodies driving a Dodge Van. These men robbed a UPS truck which was carrying iPhone X to the Apple Store in Stonestown.

This report was revealed by San Francisco police to KTSF television. Police had a further revelation that a guard who was an eyewitness of this incident had some proofs with him of the suspect. Those 313 iPhones X on the truck were looted, the total worth of those was $ 370,000 (about 2.44 million yuan).

This news, of course, was one of the shocking news for us. It seems Apple will have to manage its security issue during shipping. Now let’s see what is further disclosed after investigations. Till then, stay with us as we promise to provide you with all such latest stuff just at one click.

Source: anzhuo

Truck Carrying iPhone X Looted, Apple Stated Will Not Affect Sale