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5 Best music app for Android device

Android Music App

Music plays the role of fueling our mood and we all love our music as it has the potential to make our mood or even ruin it. With the essence of Android smartphones, it has become easier to carry music wherever you go. The best part is that with time, memory is getting more and more light and easy to carry. We can now store more music than ever before.

When it comes to listening to music, everything is digital today. Today we don’t carry with ourselves, tapes and huge music players to enjoy our songs. On Android smartphones, users can download a variety of different music players which will help you do a ton of changes with your music like adjusting the base, changing the interface, fixing an equalizer and so on. In this article, we shall discuss the best 5 music app that works great on an Android device.

Pi Music Player

It is very rare to find an app that has a rating of about 4.8 on the Google Play store. The app has probably one of the highest ratings of all the music player apps on the play store. It is a great music player which is both visually appealing and easy to use. The app has it all that requires you to please your ears and eyes.

Pi Music Player

Users also get a 5 band equalizer so you can try different versions of the music. If there is a song you like, the app can help you cut and set it as a ringtone too. It has so much to offer. In terms of the user interface, users get to choose between four different themes- gloss theme, dark theme, light theme, and black theme. You will for sure fall in love the very moment you try Pi music player.

Get the app here

GO music player plus

How about an app that creates a personalized playlist for you based on what type of songs you usually listen to. Wouldn’t be that cool. GO, music player, plus app does exactly that. The app has many great features such as all of your .mp3 files get synced from your phone no matter where they reside.

Go Music Player

The app has its own music library so you won’t have any problem finding your favorite song. The powerful equalizer supports many features like bass boost, virtualizer, and reverb. One of the features that determine the success of a music player is the user interface and the interface of GO music player plus is simply epic. It is for the ones who like to take their music listening experience tailor-made as per their taste.

Get the app here

Bass Booster and EQ Music player

As the name suggests, Bass booster and EQ music player app is a player made especially for the ones who take their bass very seriously. Within the app, you get 22+ pre-set music tone styles which are how you get a huge variety in terms of listening to the songs. There are templates like normal, classic, dance, folk, heavy and hip-hop. Whatever be your mood, you will always have the freedom to change the template.

Music Players

The app supports widgets players and also lyrics which is a very important factor considering a lot of us wish to see the lyrics before tasting our song. Bass booster and eq music player also allows you to mix, customize and edit the soundtrack so that you end up getting delighted with the music listening experience.

Get the app here

Dub music player + Music equalizer

3 things that distinguish Dub music player + Music equalizer from other apps are a bass booster, music library, and a visually enticing interface. It supports almost every format in which you find mp3 files. The app gives you the freedom to fiddle with the help of a rich equalizer which can help you understand the different tones of a song.

Dub Music Player

You can seamlessly create, create and edit playlist while choosing from 5 different themes. The app comes with 9 predefined presets that are based on different music genres. You get the usual function like shuffle along with a loudness enhancer. You will also be able to use features such as speed control and pitch control but they will work only on version 6.0 and above.

Get the app here

Poweramp Music Player

This is another music player that is loved by all the android users. It has a rating of 4.5 on the android play store. You get separate controls like separate powerful bass and treble adjustment. The best part is the lyrics support which is how you can also add the musiXmatch plugin that is helpful when you wish to know the lyrics of a song. The experienced post applying the plugin is great.

Power Music Player

Often times, we download a song but don’t get the album art. With the Poweramp music player app, the album art can be downloaded. There are also a lot of custom visual themes that can help you customize the interface as per your taste. The Poweramp music player app also has a configurable music player lock. It is for the uber-cool. You get to try the app for 14 days before buying the whole version

Get the app here


Music is something which is very personal to all of us and everyone is very picky about the kind of music player they will want to have. In this article, we have tried to cover the top 5 music player apps that work great on the Android ecosystem.

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