Google brings another new feature, this time, to let you know more about the online content publishers. The feature is called as Knowledge Panels which will show the users the topics that a publisher usually covers.

In the blog of Ranna Zhou, the Product Manager of Google, it is said that you can further know about the major awards won by the publisher and their claims reviewed by third parties.

The Knowledge Panels feature aims at providing the users with key info. regarding the expertise, tone and history of the publisher. According to Google, this addition is another step for the readers across the world in surfacing useful info. based on the respective search queries.

This will further bring easement in learning more on different sources – which will lead you to receive relevant news updates and information. Google says that they are on course to improve this experience with time.

Google’s latest Knowledge Panels feature is providing exclusive access to the readers in terms of going through online contents that are not just relevant but also bring an essence of reliability regarding information.

Check out Google’s Help Center to know more about this new rollout.

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