Mantis Headphones: at a Stellar Price Outweighs Most Feature-laden Products

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If you don’t have a decent pair of headphones, you won’t be able to immerse yourself in the true VR experience. The impact of VR is felt more significantly with external headphones that slip into your headset gear more easily, which may not be available with rudimentary sound equipment. Many users need to connect their headphones with a band over the top of the head. This is where Mantis headphones differ as they deliver an awesome experience. Two clips are connected by a wire leading to a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is unnoticeable in VR. It plugs directly into the headset.

Made with a combination of white and black plastic, these do not look huge or out of place. Each side is adjustable and sits properly where you want them. The placement can be made mid-game, which is simple and easy. The immersive experience during the gameplay is simply awesome.

The headphone is so compact and easily placed, which means you can hear more of the surrounding sounds clearly. With the volume racked up and the earphones in the appropriate place, you can easily leave the real world behind you. Clearly, Mantis Headphones are designed as an end-to-end consumer product. Lightweight and stylish, Mantis solves the issue of bulky headphones that come in a modular design and clip directly into the headset especially if we are talking about PlayStation VR.

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The headphone fits suitably with the PlayStation VR headset, both matching in color and aesthetics. In fact, one look at them, and you’ll think they are attached to the headset. The white design with the soft edges complements the white contours. It delivers the 3D perfectly, giving ample spatial awareness.

Mantis Headphones is the solution that weighs down all comfort related problems to emerge as the ideal choice for gamers in the VR category. The headphone comes straight out of the box and needs no special assembling. No software or advanced equipment is required to run the two 3.5mm jack directly to the headset. The “Walkman-style” headphones cover your ear completely that makes it breathable. So, even if you’re wearing it for longer, especially for extended gaming sessions where the ears become warm and sweaty.

Each earpiece folds out so you can hear things outside the game. But, with a little touch, the headphone can be repositioned without having to fumble on the earphones or the earbuds or to be rebooted again. Plenty of people have spent hundreds of dollars on gaming headphones that come loaded with features and can be used for a variety of purposes. But, at the price tag of $50 on average from a number of sellers online, the earphones are great to be used for gaming applications.

No pressure from the second headset is usually common with wearing PlayStation Wireless Headset. With very little pressure enough to sit along your headset, the product by itself feels quite naturally comfortable at a stellar price. The PSVR headphone is almost a necessary peripheral that outweighs even the most feature-laden priciest of products in the line.

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