In 2015, Blueprint was launched by Facebook for supporting online education resources. Blueprint is a ‘global education and certification program for all marketers,’ and it lets you take courses and even provides certifications.

After the launch, about 2 million users registered from over 150 countries. By now, above one million small business enterprises use the Blueprint.

As an instance of the effectiveness, Alameda County Fair in California grabbed hold of Blueprint for learning effective ad creations. Well, they have been able to increase 15% of sales of the tickets now.

Another business, a Mexican ice cream shop in Chicago, named Razpacho’s, used Blueprint courses for creating engaging contents. Manuel Bucio, the founder, credited Blueprint for the success of the shop that highlights 30-40% of store traffic driven right from Facebook.

Blueprint is specified not just for small businesses, but for brands and agencies as well. adQuadrant, the social advertising firm, focuses on growth drive, revenue scaling, and lifetime value improvement for the leading brands. The company has Blueprint e-learning and certification programs integrated into its training program – not only for the existing team but also for new joinees and clients.

A client of adQuadrant, an adult educational institution, noted amazing results within 3 months of Blueprint certification completion. They launched a campaign that uses video and carousel ads for generating leads to gain signups for the courses. This resulted in 14,000 signups and an enormous percentage return on ad spends.

Blueprint courses offer support, guidance, information, and insightful tips for helping businesses of all sizes in marketing on the online platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Audience Network.

Facebook presently has over 6 million businesses with ads on the platform, and Blueprint doesn’t seem to stop in its commitments towards business developments.

Is your business using Blueprint? Share your experience in comments and recommend the same to your partners who are yet to join.