DisplayMate Compliments iPhone X to have the Best Display Ever Used on a Smartphone

iPhone X Display

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The iPhone X has had a fairly significant rating by DisplayMate, where they say that Apple has managed to add the best screen ever created on a mobile phone.

The qualification obtained is the highest possible, specifically A +. A pretty complicated score to get the DisplayMate rating.

The OLED screen is manufactured by Samsung, but Apple already said it had improved compared to the competition to avoid the possible problems that this type of screen offers, creating the Super Retina screen.

An extraordinary display of great precision

One of the compliments to which DisplayMate refers is the high precision of the Super Retina display. They ensure that: It has a record full-screen brightness, high performance, and great beauty.

Apple adopted the OLED screen exclusively on the iPhone X, but some rumors say that this type of screen will be adapted in the following generations of iPhone.

Apple even went a little further and improved this type of panels creating the Super Retina Display. We remember that the screens of the iPhone X are manufactured by Samsung, where it is the only one with that great capacity of production at the moment.

So now you know, if you buy an iPhone X, you will have the best screen ever created for a smartphone, where it has obtained the highest rating in one of the web references in this type of analysis.

Have you been able to try the new iPhone X? What do you think of your new screen? Have you noticed much difference compared to previous iPhone?

Source: Apple Support

DisplayMate Compliments iPhone X to have the Best Display Ever Used on a Smartphone