Amazon Exclusives will be Available at Whole Foods Outlets on Black Friday

Amazon Exclusives

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The day following the Thanksgiving Day in the United States is known as the Black Friday. It’s been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S. since long. Most major retailers offer interesting promotional sales on this day.

Back in June, Amazon took over the organic supermarket chain ‘Whole Foods’. It cost Amazon $13.7bn.

On the occasion of Black Friday, Amazon has decided to make its exclusive electronic goods like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Kindle TV, Kindle ebook devices, and Fire flat, available at 100 Whole Food outlets nationwide.

Within the coming week, these Amazon Pop-Up stores will be opened at Whole Foods, where shoppers can try out, play, or buy new Amazon products, and learn about Amazon-related services like Prime Video. Amazon is looking forward to making a sale of its products on the upcoming Black Friday shopping day, as well.

It’s a fact that Whole Foods is easily outnumbered by large retailers like Walmart and Target, in terms of a number of stores. But with the help of combined benefits of real and virtual advertisements as well as Echo and Alexa’s voice-aids, Amazon has successfully penetrated the middle-class households. It has given the traditional retailers a sense of crisis.With its huge success, Amazon’s competitor Google has been kind of compelled to launch Google Home voice shopping service.

Source: iThome

Amazon Exclusives will be Available at Whole Foods Outlets on Black Friday