Samsung Galaxy X Dual Screen Interface Revealed in New Patent

Galaxy X Dual Screen

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When a product is created completely new, its gestation phase is extremely long and can last for years. This will probably be the case with Samsung Galaxy X, the first foldable phone from Samsung that could start to appear in 2018.

Today, thanks to the colleagues of the Galaxy Club, a rich gallery of images arises, from a patent of 2016 Samsung, in which the South Korean company illustrates a possible implementation of Android in a device with a double screen. The most attentive will immediately recognize the extremely antiquated TouchWiz design, which is particularly similar to the Galaxy S6 customization based on Lollipop.

The interface of the Samsung Galaxy X dual screen

Samsung Galaxy X UI

As you can see in the gallery, Samsung has provided several ways to use it. This includes the possibility to extend the use on both screens at the same time, have a larger workspace available, or allow the replica of the main screen, to share the same content with another person. Other aspects of the interface are also shown, such as the multitasking menu and the phone book, the management of cameras and calls.

If these functions reach the Samsung Galaxy X, it is expected that the interface will be updated to the latest Samsung Experience guidelines, however, the images allow us to get an idea of the time that Samsung will have dedicated to finalizing the design of this hypothetical product.

Source: Galaxy Club

Samsung Galaxy X Dual Screen Interface Revealed in New Patent