Yesterday, Google Assistant’s rounded design was rolled out to Feed and Search. By evening, it received the new interface, featuring a brighter background, and the wide rollout began for all Android devices.

For quite a while, the Assistant is being rolled out slowly. Early last month, iOS received the dedicated Assistant app. By now, several Pixel devices and other Android phones have received it, as per reports received. For the other users, they will come across the white background instead of the previous light gray. The cards, speech boxes, and the carousels have rounded corners now.

As for the chips, they are having a bezel resulting in an appearance that is raised and three-dimensional. This makes the suggestions more precise. The same appearance is applied for every other feature, ‘including the thumbs-up/down emoji for providing feedback to results.’

Furthermore, the ‘Share Screenshot’ has returned after its temporary disappearance. Google has added a new command to this feature for taking screen captures.

As long as the ‘Your Stuff’ tab is concerned, it has got rounded cards as well. Known to the users, it lists the Agenda, Reminders, Shopping List, Orders, and Shortcuts. Only the carousels of the Google Assistant app in the ‘Explore’ page still have rectangular cards.

Well, a recent teardown of the app, a redesign could be activated, which ‘dropped the carousel for a list of rounded cards.’ The rollout of the refreshed Google Assistant on all platforms and mediums now has a unified and consistent appearance.

Have you already received and tested the new Google Assistant? How do you like the appearance? Tell us in comments below!