Ever since mobile technology entered into our lives, there has been a continuous evolution of innovative apps. Similarly, the advent of iBeacon introduced by Apple is providing location-based information to the iOS devices.

iBeacon has strongly infiltrated a number of industries that include business sector, education, retail, museums, and travel and tourism industry most importantly. We have witnessed the emergence of iBeacon tech in the retail industry, we’ll look at the huge transformation of Beacon technology in travel and tourism industry.

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1. Benefit for Air Travelers

iBeacon proves to be one of the best platforms for Air traveling and ensures providing a smooth and seamless transition for the air travelers. Everything from check-in to airport navigation to departure and collection of baggage at the time of arrival and departure. The navigation has been made easy and available to the passengers by providing them all the relevant information on their mobile phones. Additionally, this technology is helpful in promoting aviation sector, booking cabs and gate updates as well.

2. Boost Hotel & Hospital Industry

The iBeacon tech has provided a highly exceptional and ultimate experience to the users. The hotel and hospital industry particularly gained popularity from iBeacon technology proving to be an effective tool for the hospitality industry by aiding them. iBeacon is an asset which helps the guest at the time of check-in till them time he checks out. You can even send notifications to the mobile devices guiding the way to your hotel. This will please them with the notifications about coupons and special offer and this will help build a relationship with your guests.

3. Travel Exploration

The benefits of iBeacon are not limited to Air traveling, in fact, they are wide. The role is flourishing in the travel and tourism industry and helps traveler explore his destination. It can offer the traveler with getting alerts about the transportation, restaurants, attractive tourist places, shopping malls, museums and so on. It can completely transform the traveling and exploring experience of the tourist and act as a guide to discover new places.

4. Personalized Offers

Travelers and tourists are always in the search for boosting business profits. iBeacon is an exceptional technology offering personalized offers to the potential customers. It provides historical and current data public data to the customers; they can send custom messages and notifications.

5. Promote Ancillary Sales

Ancillary sales are associated with the aviation sector. Ancillary sales generate a major portion of revenues from online operations such as baggage and onboard food and services. The guest availing service of such companies get updates regarding the status of their flight and access to the information. It even promotes day pass to get info at lounge area and know more about long-haul planes.

Wrapping up

To wrap up, we come to believe that iBeacon will continue to evolve and it has a bright future ahead. Most importantly it will revolutionize the travel and tourism industry by enhancing the experience as a whole. The framework has advanced the experience and is offering a significant way for tourists to explore new destinations and get familiar with this great technology.

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