Google Assistant now finds its place in not just Pixel phones, but Android 6.0 tablets and phones as well, along with Android TVs, and Chromebook. In fact, the latest app beta model has Assistant available for ‘the category of larger devices.’

The tablet users can now go to the Assistant settings, and then select one of the services. The available services for the device can be explored by scrolling below. According to the testers, currently, the device row has the tablet icon as well.

9to5Google tested the 7.16 version of the app installed on a compatible tablet, and they noticed that it did not yet receive the new additions. But, a rollout is likely to happen in the coming days.

Now, right after the launch of Google Assistant, the tech giant said that the app would be only for the phones inceptively. The recent rollout of the Pixelbook Chrome OS and TVs certainly makes it in the course of expansion in availability to users.

The Google Assistant 7.16 received an increment in the height of its bottom bar. The rounded redesign update of the last week had new icons for this bar space, but with the same height. Therefore, the last increment may set a stage for more new additions coming very soon.

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