Skype for Windows 10 now has new features making the app more unified, considering its outlook on other platforms. Microsoft began the rollout of a new update to the app UWP (Universal Windows Platform) Skype for Windows 10.

One of the glaring new features is that of @mentions support in the conversations. Along with this, users are given the ability to delete conversations as well. On the whole, the controls for the presence of a user has been made expansive.

The new Skype for Windows 10, firstly lets you select between Active, Do Not Disturb, and Invisible to establish your presence on Skype. Second, you can simply “right-click on any chat, and select Delete Conversation,’’ and it will be deleted forever.

As for the @mentions, all you need is type ‘@’ and the Skype name you want to mention in respective group conversations.

In the past few months, the users of Skype for Windows 10 have not found this much interactive or convenient; be it on the mobile or desktop! The new changes subtly make up for that.

On a similar note, these new changes were announced during early October. The @mentions feature was noted in the recent desktop revamp version of Skype app as well.

Skype for Windows 10, with these new features, now has version 12.8.487.0. Microsoft is yet to update its ‘release notes’ on the web, but users will receive the new features upon updating the Skype app.