Today, Firefox comes up with its new Firefox Quantum that is ‘over twice as fast as Firefox from 6 months ago.’ It has a reviving aesthetic appearance with out-of-the-box design and has become more custom-friendly.

Firefox Quantum lets users open zillion tabs without glitches and with less memory consumption – as compared to the present market competition. It is the biggest update of Firefox since its launch in 2004 and provides you with an intense speed that smoothens your surfing, even amid stress and peak of works.

Check out the new Firefox in action in the video below.

The new User Interface of Firefox Quantum has been termed as Photon, and it is an initiative of Firefox with the aim to modernize and unify everything relevant to browsing, while simultaneously taking advantage of the pace and precision the new engine provides. In other words, the Photon UI is not just fast and smooth but also is well prepped in being expansive as per future comings in terms of hardware compatibility.

One of the most enticing aspects of the newness is that Firefox Quantum has made Google as its default search provider. This is particularly already being rolled out in the 4 countries – the U. S., Canada, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Firefox Quantum has over 60 search providers across over 90 languages on the whole.

Firefox made plenty of new performance improvements for the new browser, and it is packed with Stylo, a new CSS engine. Stylo is able enough in gaining a better edge on today’s hardware that has multiple cores and is optimized to consume low power.

Firefox says that “we’re not done yet,” and has indicated that further developmental updates are coming up for Firefox Quantum.

How do you like the new browser? Are you opting for it? Leave your opinions and share your experience in the comments, and stick with us as we serve you with more tech updates!

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