Google Allo gets New Features to Ban Members from Group Chats

Google Allo New Feature

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Google Allo has had the features Selfie clips and group chat controls activated by developers for a while, but now these are live.

You can enable group chat controls when you want to create a mass conversation. In the setup, the ‘naming and avatar’ screen will provide a new toggle for you to enable options for kicking out or banning members. In addition, the screen makes only the admin as the able editor of the group name and the photo.

Google Allo

Furthermore, conversations may have multiple admins, and that can be enabled by the group chat controls that can be accessed from the overflow menu of Group details screen. While scrolling down through the People list, you will come across an ‘Admin’ badge by the side of your name. Also, holding down a person’s name will give you another menu to make that person admin or remove, and “kick out and ban from group” permanently.

Well, the already existing groups in Google Allo do not yet seem to have the same privileges for group management.

On a similar note, the Selfie clips feature has the ability to record video as well, alongside taking still self-photos – but this is possible on the Allo version 22, according to the developers and testers. Meanwhile, in the chats, the camera popup in bottom right allows users to record video ‘by holding down on the shutter button.’

The new changes will be live soon, and the rollout will begin as the Google Allo’s latest version surfaces in the Play Store.

On an inferring note, the new features of Google Allo are likely to be enhancers in terms of group management for the admins. How excited are you to receive these? Have you already tested the same yet? Express your opinions and experience in the comments and stay tuned with us for further tech updates.

Source: 9to5Google

Google Allo gets New Features to Ban Members from Group Chats