Apple this year has shown how great it is, with phones like the iPhone X or seeing all the potential of its software, and that is when we saw that Google had failed with its Project Tango, where it was trying to achieve augmented reality by hardware. Apple got it with ARKit through software, and it seems that they want to implement it seriously in the iPhone of 2019.

ARKit is a platform, oriented above all to developers, which allows us to enjoy augmented reality. There are games and applications like IKEA which exploits this functionality to the fullest, letting us see how a new sofa would be in our house simply from the mobile phone and that augmented reality, for many brands like HTC, Microsoft or Google, is the future.

While it is true that this year Apple also disappointed with iOS 11 for its poor stability. iOS 11 had a large number of failures in its first versions, also surprised with ARKit. It is already available for all phones with the latest version of iOS although there is still much to do. We see that many apps that use it are still not optimized and there is a lot of work ahead to refine this technology.

Will the year 2019 be that of augmented reality for Apple?

It seems that Apple will fill its mobiles in a sensor future. This 2017 we have seen how the iPhone X was filled with sensors and cameras in the famous eyebrow on the front, and that by 2019, they still want to implement more sensors for different uses. It seems that Apple would be working on a 3D sensor to implement it in the rear camera.

This sensor would allow us to map our entire surroundings and then translate it into the mobile, and create a 3D map of our room, or of ourselves in our smartphone. Something slightly similar to what we have seen this year with the Sony Xperia high-end and its 3D function, although more advanced and with specific hardware for it.

This will make the augmented reality much better in 2019, handling distances better, not having errors like putting one object on top of another when the phone does not pick it up. Being able to see much more accurately everything that we put on our mobile. A hardware similar to the one we saw in the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro but that did not work for different reasons, including the lack of optimization. Of course, it will be a long process and that is why we will see it in 2019.

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