Yesterday, Microsoft released a new preview of Windows 10 for PCs with input and settings improvements. The build is a part of RS4 branch, representing the upcoming Windows 10 update that is yet to be announced.

As already known to many, Windows 10 is more than just an operating system, rather a ‘service,’ designed differently than its predecessor so that it can receive regular updates with not only fixes but new features as well. The four major updates already released by Microsoft in this regard are November Update, Anniversary Update, Creators Update, and Fall Creators Update.

One of the most significant improvements of Windows 10 is that you can now adjust the brightness of the SDR contents, while HDR mode is running on your desktop. Given that your machine supports HDR, you can now notice a slider under Settings, then go to System, then Display, and finally HDR and advanced color settings. In the Ease of Access Settings menu, the new options are changing touch feedback, changing pointer size and color and changing cursor thickness.

The Fall Creators Update presented the shape-writing input facility for the one-handed keyboard. The new build has shifted the shape-writing to the wide touch keyboard. Additionally, the insertion gesture that lets users add space between letters or words is now updated as a small caret.

There is a new gesture added that looks like a 90-degree angle bracket denoting the end of your text. This enables users to automatically commit texts and wipe out the handwriting panel.

Simplified Chinese handwriting gets a dedicated layout that is same as ‘the one announced for other languages with the previous build.’ The buttons in this handwriting panel have now been collapsed by default.

On the whole, the new Windows 10 preview build for desktop has received more than 20 general bug fixes and improvements and Microsoft have so far detected 7 issues in the built. While going through the full list published by Venture Beat, it seems that Microsoft is on the way to cover all areas as much possible. The entire update takes the Windows 10 build number for PCs from 17035 to build 17040. The preview build has been made available to testers on November 8.