Google Rolling Out Google Lens in Assistant for Pixel and Pixel 2

Google Lens Assistant

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In October, a few Googlers stated that Google lens will arrive in Assistant within next few weeks. Yesterday evening, some users already spotted the arrival of the ‘visual search feature’ active in their Pixel and Pixel 2 phones. Google Lens debuted in Google Photos for Pixel 2 in late October.

In Google Photos, you can use the Lens while you are viewing an image or screenshot. As for the Assistant, the Lens is integrated into the pop up that appears when holding down the home button. The interface of the Lens is quite similar to the version that was activated for testing in September.

There is a new button in the bottom right corner when you open Google Assistant, and this button opens up the camera viewfinder. When you tap anywhere on the screen, the view is frozen and the Assistant starts the search for possible results. The search further provides others actions coming up as a ‘carousel of suggestion chips’ below the screen.

The rollout of Google Lens in Assistant has only begun and the majority of the devices are yet to experience the same. But within the coming weeks, the Pixel phones will receive the entire rollout.

How cool do you think the new addition is? Let us know in comments and keep following for further updates.

Source: 9to5Google

Google Rolling Out Google Lens in Assistant for Pixel and Pixel 2