Apple is ready to start shipping the powerful iMac Pro desktop computer in December and will feature an ‘always-on’ Siri version. This will be enabled by a stripped-down edition of the 18-core 4.5GHz processor which also backed the iPhone 7 of 2016 (without the present edition though).

The processor will take care of a few macOS security processes as well and is coupled with the GPU horsepower of 11 teraflops. The iMac Pro further packs a 5K display and it might even come up with an A10 Fusion chip, as stated by Jonathan Levin, the reverse engineering expert, and author.

Coming back to the voice assistant Siri, it has a similar setup as well as a user interface as you will come across the same in iPhones. Apple doesn’t always reveal all the surprises in the sleeves of its to-be-revealed products and the presence of Siri in iMac Pro was first confirmed by Guilherme Rambo and he tweeted the same with a video of setting up the Siri.

This gives an ideal edge for Apple to compete with Microsoft in terms of providing ‘always-on’ voice assistant with desktops. The introduction of Cortana in Windows 10 has already surfaced in the markets. The Apple fans experienced in using voice assistant on mobiles will readily catch up with the usefulness of having Siri on the desktop.

Apple is yet to announce the release date for iMac Pro but has confirmed that it will arrive before the turn of the year.

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