4 Technology and software development transformation trends to watch

The onward march of progress never stops. Technology is advancing at an ever-faster pace and we’re sure that 2018 will have no end of surprises for both businesses and average consumers. Here, you’ll be able to check out our best forecasts for what you can expect over the year ahead. We reckon there will be made some serious steps forward regarding:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Platform programming
  • Customer engagement

These industries and much more are tipped to explode in 2018. Check our guide to what you can expect and stay a step ahead of all the developments

AI: Deployment, Not Just Development

Artificial Intelligence

AI is always a feature of predictions in technology. Naturally, we feel the tech world is set for some major leaps forward in the near future, but these have more to do with application than just development. Sufficient progress has been made so that now developers are more interested in finding useful applications for their AI, rather than simply refining the abilities of the technology. We can expect, in 2018, to see AI used in a big way when it comes to further development. This could prove to be the first definitive trials when it comes to AI in software development.

Platform Programming Takes a Step Forward

Cloud Computing

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We can expect to see a new generation of cloud-based platform programming systems coming of age. Forget what you think you know about SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. A combination of innovative delivery pipelines, low-code, containers, and serverless architecture will successfully deliver a service that goes way further than that of today. There’s no doubt that cloud-based systems have taken off in a big way, and we expect them to continue going from strength to strength.

Customer Engagement Is Set to Place Pressure on Developers

Customer And Developer

Natural language processing and augmented reality are expected to come into their own in 2018. The resulting demands for developers could pose a problem. As the market starts to exceed the skill supply, we can expect full-stack developers to feel the pressure as their talents go into short supply. Good news for the developers who have the skills, but for everyone else, it may be time to get up to date with the latest new technology.

Virtual Reality: Here at Last

Virtual Reality

2017 is set to go down in history as the year VR finally made its arrival. A number of console manufacturers have poured enough time and money into making it a genuine possibility, and now the tech is commercially available. We’ve already seen the rise in console gaming, and smartphone-based sets have made in-roads into providing consumers with their first experience. It remains to be seen just how integral the technology will make itself in the future. But for our money, 2018 could well be the first time that we see the options and have the chance to choose for ourselves whether or not it’s worth having.

That’s our selection of picks for 2018. Given the current climate, we can expect some serious changes in the coming months, and it will be a true baptism by fire for some new technologies. Stay tuned for more great tech predictions.

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