After ruling our hearts, Amazon is back with Echo Buttons. These are powered by Alexa and connected to the Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot or Echo Show smart speakers from Amazon. The buttons can be linked up with smart speakers which will activate games and give you the best ever experience.

You can have a fun time with this device no matter whether you are alone or playing the game with your friends. You can easily separate the button which belongs to the player as this device will illuminate a specific color making your job easy. You can connect up to four Echo Buttons to a compatible speaker. This means that with this device, you can play alone or join together with four players.

Currently, it offers you with games like Beat The Intro, Sounds Fun with Mike Epps, Buzzer Beater, Button Monte, and Fourth Down Football. The Echo Buttons can be connected to Echo speakers via Bluetooth and are battery powered requiring the use of AAA batteries. Therefore, you can easily replace your batteries and they are ready to go. This eliminated the hustle related to recharging it through electronic plugs making it quite compatible.

This will probably be coming in a pack of two where you may have to count $19.99 for each pack. But as we all know the majority of the users will prefer to play with it in a group of four, for which consumers will be ultimately spending over $40.

Amazon is all set up as it already has its latest device up for pre-order on its website. Here Amazon is giving you the best ever opportunity to enjoy your weekends, holidays or any special occasions together with your favorite group with Amazons Echo buttons. So go ahead and book your order soon.