Most Important Roles of Artificial Intelligence in Future Education

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The world is continuously evolving, and progress humanity achieved is really impressive. One could say that intelligence is the main resource of any kind of behavior and accomplishment. A fast review will divulge that artificial intelligence is already a part of our lives, playing roles in pretty much the field.

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Cars are now manufactured by machines; drones can be utilized to deliver packages as well as weapons in conflict zones; some surgeries are performed only by robots due to their complexity. The education domain can’t afford to make the wrong steps within this context. Let us think for a second at just one thing: what if the human brain can be helped to learn more effectively?

The Utility of Artificial Intelligence in Education

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Since the day computers got into our lives, we seem to witness fast changes in all domains. Over the last years, scientists felt almost like a challenge to create and implement artificial intelligence in day-to-day activities and in complex tasks, too. Shortly, it has come to this, to the present modern days in which activities that were humans’ privilege are now accomplished with the help of artificial intelligence. Education is probably the most important domain that influences our lives and evolution. The way we guide and train ourselves can and will define our future.

1. Artificial intelligence can be used to analyze difficult problems in no time, adapting to children’s needs.

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2. Teachers can use artificial intelligence to learn more about where the child has difficulties in solving problems.

3. Artificial intelligence can be used to evaluate the student’s interaction.

4. Artificial intelligence can also be used to see comparatively how other children of the same age and grade answer a particular question.

5. Artificial intelligence can also be used to interact with the student’s parents and educators.

6. Artificial intelligence is changing the way we access and interact with information.

Educational Apps

Children have more access to electronic devices than ever. New apps on the market are able to recommend what topic a student should study based on the info it gets from analyzing previous results. Modern learning methods can be used to improve their education as students now have easy access to modern devices. At the moment, there are lots of companies that have created applications for students and teachers alike to use in no time at all. Let’s review some of them:

1. Study Blue is an app that students can use to store notes from their classwork, to organize their homework, and to share materials with other students.

2. Flipped Classroom changes the teaching method with lectures shared in video format. This way, the learning process can be more engaging and fun, shortening also the time a student needs to get the information.

3. Lesson Cast is created for teachers, helping them to organize their work in school, make plan strategies, find documentation, and share it with their colleagues.

4. Kid Blog is an app specially designed for younger students, giving them the opportunity to make their own blog.

5. Knewton is a platform that collects information and checks the student’s activity.

6. Udacity offers you free online courses on hundreds of different topics.

7. Photomath is an essential app that can solve and explain every answer in high-school students’ algebra homework.

8. Being a school planner, My Study Life is the app that reminds you when you have upcoming deadlines.

New Challenges for Education

No matter if we are prepared to accept the changes or if we are ready to embrace the advantages, the effects of artificial intelligence in education is a controversial subject.

An extremely debated matter is if the implications of new technology would interfere with the teacher-student relationship, as we know it.

It is possible that we will not see humanoid robots as teachers pretty soon, yet there are lots of projects that use artificial intelligence to help students and teachers obtain much more out of the educational experience.

The artificial intelligence programs have proven that they can teach students to read or to do the math. However, there are skills that artificial intelligence can’t teach students, such as social-emotional skills.

The Role of Teachers

Obviously, teachers will always be needed to manage relationships between students and encourage them whenever necessary. Over the years, teachers played a very important role in society, not only in schools. There was a time when they were considered mentors and real models in life. If we think of old schools based on religious programs, we can see how much the methods of education changed. Some scientists have even begun testing robotic tutors. For many of us, this may seem to be detached from a science-fiction script. Actually, there are people who don’t have to read good narrative essay topics to still remember the days when they wouldn’t believe there are wireless phones out there.

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Kevin Nelson
Kevin Nelson
Kevin is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer at and other blogs. He writes about higher education, entertainment, social media, and blogging. During his off time, Kevin enjoys travelling and cooking.

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