The swipe-to-delete gesture of Google Play Music has recently been heavily criticized. It’s been described as the reason they “switched back to Spotify” by some users. Some even reported to be “scarred” by the issue. Ongoing through the reviews on Google Play Store we did see that it is one of the main talking points about Play Music. The good news is that the latest update from earlier this week appears to have finally solved the problem.

Though in the latest version 8.5.6542-1.Y only one improvement is mentioned as “bug fixes”, it’s been confirmed by several users that the swipe-to-delete gesture has been fixed as well.

This gesture allowed users to delete songs in a playlist or remove them from the queue. It did sound like a good idea on the book but as a result of this quick-fire way to remove a track rather than tapping the options button the users would often end up deleting songs by mistake while trying to scroll through a playlist.

The smartphones or any other digital interfaces do tend to misinterpret the intentions of an application. The main problem with the previous version was that apart from automatically rotating the display against the user’s will, it made it difficult to reverse it as well. On miss-timing the tap on the “undo” button that appeared for a very small span, the users could permanently lose a track in the playlist.

Apart from the recent update, it is really a good time to get involved with Google Play Music as Google is currently offering four months of free service for the new subscribers.

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