Facebook is known for copying features of Snapchat laying breaks in the latter’s momentum with the latest being the streak feature in messaging.

Temporary stories and messaging were provided by Facebook before with similar paths followed by WhatsApp and Instagram as well. Facebook has even copied popular Snapchat features like that of the camera and face filters. Now the social media mammoth is running behind the addictive streak feature that keeps users hooked on in sending messages in consecutive days.

Not just copying the feature, Facebook seems to face difficulties in coming up with originalities in terms of the inclusions as well. It has included an emoji status for every friend with whom the user is on a current streak, just like in Snapchat. Facebook seems to be testing the feature across limited accounts presently.

Twitter user, Case Sandberg first noticed the streaks feature in Facebook Messenger and other testers of the app have experienced it as well. It is unclear whether it will remain as a limited test not reaching all accounts, or Messenger will go on a gamification spree. Not all Snapchat clones of Facebook have always worked before.

As for Snapchat, streaks are quite popular among the young users. It is, in fact, an ideal gamification tool where users are encouraged to send ‘more’ snaps. With Streaks, you can even warn your friends when a Snapstreak is almost broken.

In case Facebook rolls out the streaks feature to all users, the same is more likely to arrive in WhatsApp and Instagram as well. A social media service will never want to give up any opportunity that inspires engagement for users via fun and easiness. Therefore, it is more likely that Messenger will roll streaks out soon.

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