Samsung Galaxy S6 Users have Reasons to Rejoice, Expected to Receive Android Oreo

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Virtually each and every one of us have heard or read on the occasion that the South Korean Samsung tends to abandon their devices to the first change, as far as operating system upgrades are concerned. Although it will not be us who denies that in these statements there is any truth, the truth is that it is not always so; In fact, the news that we bring today comes to contradict that “maxim”, because Samsung plans to upgrade its Samsung Galaxy S6 to Android Oreo.

Samsung would be thinking about updating the Samsung Galaxy S6

As we said in the introduction, the news surprised us a little. Not in vain, to materialize this update of Samsung Galaxy S6 would be the first time that Samsung has given three years of support to one of its flagships.

The hare jumped as a result of a conversation held with Samsung’s technical support by a Reddit user who responded to the name of CyberConCoder. If you want to see the screenshots that this user took of their conversation, you can consult the gallery of images that this person has posted.

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Faced with the insistent questions of this user about whether he was sure of the existence of this update, at one point in the conversation, the technical assistant who answered the user said yes, has confirmed and checked the information internally. CyberConCoder says that, on many occasions, the information provided by the agents that respond to these chats are not completely adjusted to reality. But the firmness of the answers makes us think that Android Oreo will reach the Samsung Galaxy S6.

By the way, despite the confirmation by the employees of the company, they have not dared to give a date for the arrival of Oreo. If the date of arrival of Nougat can serve as some type of orientation, we would be talking about what could arrive there by May or June of 2018.

Isolated case or custom as of now?

When back in April of this year, we told you that the Samsung Galaxy S6 was beginning to receive the upgrade to Nougat, many were convinced that there would be no more updates. After all, we are talking about Samsung and a device that went on the market in April 2015 and with Lollipop running through its “guts”. With the update to Nougat, in some way, the tacit agreement of updates of the company was fulfilled.

If it ends up materializing, the fact that Android Oreo reaches the Samsung Galaxy S8, it will be a milestone within the company, as none of its flagships had such extensive coverage updates. The question is whether we are dealing with a specific case or if it is a turning point. Although we do not know for sure, we want to think that it is the beginning of a new time, in which Samsung will expand its support, as do some of its main competitors, such as Apple itself. If true, we would be talking about the recent Note 8 or the Galaxy S8 themselves updating to an eventual Android Q, or even R. It does not sound bad at all, right?

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