Apple iMac Pro might be the First Macbook to have ARM Chip

iMac Pro ARM Chip

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Apple is always coming out with the best and here is one more. Recently it is on top news that upcoming iMac Pro will include an A10 Fusion chip. This is the same chip which is powering iPhone 7 series. Thus, the rumors regarding this issue are yet to be confirmed by sources.

This issue has given rise to the question based on the news that what could come next? Then, according to some of the views that came out regarding this issue states the possibility of some more devices to come up with this technology. In other words, iMac pro will not be the last device to be powered by ARM chips.

A10 chip in the iMac Pro to its x86 processor is like what the M-series motion coprocessors are to the A-series processors in iOS devices. If we go according to the rumors, the probability that A10 could even keep listening when the iMac Pro is shut down.

Apple has been putting a lot of effort to upgrade its A-series chips and it is no walk in the park. Apple’s move to include an ARM-based coprocessor in the iMac Pro reestablishes its signature maneuver of continuing investment in its desktop and laptop lines.

Finally, we can’t say much till the official disclosure regarding this. But surely, Apple is expected to come up with the best for its users. Stay tuned for more updates. 

Source: Macworld

Apple iMac Pro might be the First Macbook to have ARM Chip