Google is providing $500,000 grant as a support for the National AfterSchool Association (NAA) as a part of its expansion process on educational technology.

Millions of students belonging to low-income or rural communities lag behind due to inability to access the internet, causing ‘homework gap’ if compared with a massive number of pupils having internet access.

NAA’s president and CEO Gina Warner believes that learning is beyond the four walls of the classroom and afterschool programs contribute largely to closing the gap. She expressed her delight in Google’s stepping up for supporting 4 million students served by NAA.

Google is bringing the works of projects like Grow with Google and Dynamic Learning Project for educators and students via the grant.

NAA’s primary focus is on a review of their research on the contributing parameters of afterschool programs to close the homework gap. The initial report, ‘Empowering Afterschool Professionals for Digital Learning,  states that afterschool programs have openings for ‘deeper digital learning opportunities.

Incorporating with this analysis, the upcoming months will see the association be supported by volunteering Googlers. A created toolkit and hands-on training will be provided to afterschool professionals with the aim to offer access to technology for the students.

The NAA website will share the resources and will further make the same available to the public for free.