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Google Partners with the British Museum to Present Maya Civilization Online

Nov 29, 2017, 10:20 am

Google Arts and Culture joined hands with the British Museum to present the rich heritage of the Maya civilization online for visitors to explore. The entire exhibition project covers details on the Mayan achievements in language, art, mathematics, astronomy and architecture.

A new series of exhibits include 360 virtual tours of the ancient sites Tikal and Quirigua. You can also rotate insightfully detailed 3D models of Maya art and explore innumerable multimedia exhibits. Further explorations involve 12 amazing Street View panoramas of ancient museums and sites across Guatemala.

In short, the project gives you the opportunity to discover the history and implementable philosophies of the Maya civilization. For instance, you can learn about the ancestors of the Maya people and their experience of global warming.

Explorer Alfred Maudslay’s efforts to preserve the Maya stories in Central America were exclusively credited by both Google and the British Museum. More than 100 years ago, he took tours for decades through the ‘most successful indigenous culture of the world.’

Maudslay created first glass plate photographs and plaster casts of significant Maya art from the route where mule trains carry tons of equipment. He aimed to preserve the Maya stories, and Google and the British Museum together went back after over a century to justify his initiative and expand on the same for today’s curious generations.

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