Alacarte Partners with UberEat, Brings First Ever Virtual Food Experience

Alacarte UberEat Partnership

Alacarte has secured an exclusive partnership with UberEats and a $700K in Angel financing for bringing the first ever virtual food hall experience for the customers on its platform.

Alacarte is an on-demand marketplace and fulfillment firm for the Quick Service Restaurant industry. It joins hands with established local as well as national brands for prepping, packaging, and shipping orders to its customers. The fulfillment centers get traffic from the Alacarte platform and third-party delivery apps.

Alacarte’s co-founder and CEO Ken Ray said that “Much like the Amazon platform, Alacarte acts as a restaurant fulfillment network for its own and partner brands.” He expressed that technology and data together help them in transforming into smart restaurants. Among the under-development technologies of the company are: Automated kitchen stations, real-time voice, autonomous delivery, and predictive ordering.

The company recently launched its marketplace on the online platform and its first fulfillment center in Miami Beach. Its already confirmed partners are Amazon Prime, Postmates, DoorDash, and GrubHub.

Additionally, Alacarte has its own program called Alacarte Fulfilment Service for the established brands in the industry, who can test launch new concepts across various markets spontaneously. The program aims to save money and time while being in the process. How do you like new program? Want to get impressive deals? Visit OZCodes to get exclusive offers.

Source: PR Newswire

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