Shared mobility services and substitute options for car ownership are recent most discussing topics among the established carmakers of today, and Volkwagen’s MOIA has upped the level. The new company came up with a new car that debuted today at the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin with complete focus on the new market.

The all-electric vehicle provides proper space for up to 6 passengers. It will be officially on road starting in 2018 in Hamburg. The company targets putting 200 units right from the beginning.

The entire idea backing the car is ridesharing, and the car is composed of a design tailor-made for users to pool its usage. Going ‘above and beyond’ today’s electric vehicles further includes individual seats instead of the traditional ‘bench’ style. Each of these seats has dimmable interior lighting and USB ports for individual user convenience.

Additionally, the car houses an inbuilt onboard Wi-Fi and a luggage storage space by the side of the driver at the front, whereas the rear compartment will be providing more room for the passengers. The vehicle has a range of about 186 miles, according to the WLTP testing standards. It has a recouping ability of up to 80% of its charge within only 30 minutes.

MOIA took 10 months to design, build and equip the car with a functional concept; and get to today’s point of being unveiled at Berlin. The company conveys its credits for the fast works to the agile designing procedures of Volkswagen’s Onsnabruck plant. This is an instance of today’s carmaker companies being able to learn, adapt, and establish themselves as a brand in the gradually changing transport industry.

Accompanying the brand new vehicle, MOIA is offering a customer-inclined app as well which lets riders for booking and paying. This requires carpooling algorithm that leads the company to create virtual stops every 200-250 meters across the cities of the car’s operation.

The consequent aim of MOIA is that the car gets internationally launched in Europe by 2018 end and in the U.S. by 2025. The company is already keeping it open for further adaptive developments as per needs of partners and municipalities to occur in future.

Ole Harms, the CEO of MOIA announced today that their plan of expanding the service and fleet will take around one million cars off the road. He noted that they are working on other ideas and technologies but didn’t go into additional details. Although, he stated that the company can create a profitable business model that won’t even require autonomous driving.

As long as pricing is concerned, Harms disclosed that they are going over various pricing schemes before finalizing and that they wouldn’t want to underprice the transport system.

We are on the toe to serve you hot on anything new regarding MOIA’s debut in the automotive industry like the model name, pricing, and more. Tell us in comments what else would you like to know, and share your views on what do you think of this technological newness.

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