Apple suppliers indicate slow down of iPhone X sales

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It seems that Apple would be working on a new version of the iPhone X, with a larger screen than the Galaxy Note 8. The Cupertino based company is also working on another iPhone with a large screen, but LCD technology would be much cheaper than the current iPhone X.

Sales of iPhone X will continue in descending line

Suppliers are key in the manufacture of any phone, they provide the main manufacturer of touch panels, recognition systems, cameras and a long list of terminal components to be assembled in the final product. In the case of the iPhone X, these are seeing how the orders initially promised by Apple to supply the manufacture of the iPhone X are not as expected and they are clearly lower than the figures projected by the Cupertino at first.


Several suppliers are seeing how their forecasts around the Apple terminal are cut. In fact, the terminal chassis provider, Catcher has seen how the fall in revenue in the month of November has been 10.4%. General Interface Solutions that offers touch panels has seen how revenues have fallen by 15.53% during the month of November. In general, Apple’s orders for the month of November for the production of the iPhone X have been 30% lower in general terms, always compared with the figures that had originally projected.

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It seems that the future will not be better for these suppliers, who suspect that Apple will further reduce component orders during the first quarter of 2018 and generally during the first half of next year. In fact, it is expected that the production of the iPhone X will keep the same disappointing pace of November at least until March when the production rate will be reduced again.

Latest figures reveal that sales of the iPhone X could be lower than originally projected by Apple and that would have a direct impact on orders made to suppliers. Some sales that have suffered a lot due to delays, in fact until this week it has not been possible to buy it normally in our country.

Source: Phone Arena

Apple suppliers indicate slow down of iPhone X sales