Google security researcher Ian Beer’s jailbreak toolkit exploits iOS 11.1.2

Dec 12, 2017, 5:30 am

Aniruddha P.

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Today, it has been confirmed that ‘async_wake exploit’ is working on Apple’s TV4K and tvOS 11.x. The exploit was released by Ian Beer, a Google security researcher and was tested by Jonathan Levin on the ATV.

Levin, the author of MacOS and iOS Internals, has confirmed this via a tweet that reads: “Congratulating unparalleled paragon of hacking @i41nbeer for a truly marvelous, clean exploit which also works (*confirmed*) on TvOS 11.x and the Apple TV 4K! My #Jailbreak #Toolkit will be expanded to support this platform as well – and #LiberTV will finally get its update :-)”

According to Levin, the jailbreak toolkit is a dylib or a dynamic library for the users who “end up with a send right to the kernel_task port (a.k.a tfp0) in their process, but don’t know what to do next.”

As for LiberTV, mentioned by Levin with the hashtag, it is the jailbreak utility he released back in March. During that time, it was based on yalu, semi-tethered, and compatible with Apple TV 4 and tvOS 9.1 to 10.1.

Levin’s mention of the update and the jailbreak release for iOS are sure to keep the Apple fans looking for further news! Share your views in comments and keep following us for more tech updates.

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