Google releases the list of top searched terms in 2017

Google Search Terms

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Though there are still a few weeks left of 2017, Google has already released the list of top searches of the year. Hurricane Irma, iPhone 8 and iPhone X topped most of the charts.

In 2017 people asked Google “how to”

The results were well dominated by a number of queries. The ‘How to’ chat contained things like how to make slime, how to make solar eclipse glasses, and how to buy Bitcoin.

There were queries like ‘how much will the wall cost’, ‘how many refugees are there in the world’, ‘how do hurricanes form’, ‘how to freeze credit’ and ‘how to help Puerto Rico’ as well. It does reflect people’s increasing dependency on Google.

The list also contains other top searches in categories like actors (Meghan Markle, Kevin Spacey, Gal Gadot), Global news (Hurricane Irma, Bitcoin, Las Vegas shooting), and movies (IT, Wonder Woman, Beauty and the Beast). It is compiled mainly on the basis of searched terms that.

In the consumer tech department, the first two spots were occupied by iPhone 8 and iPhone X, as expected. Then there were the Nintendo Switch, Nokia 3310 and Nokia 6 at different positions. Among the TV shows, Game of Thrones got beaten by Netflix’s Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why by some margin.

Despacito is all you need to know about the chart containing the top rankings for music searches. Google has listed top search terms on the Google Trends website here.

Google releases the list of top searched terms in 2017