How to attract more visitors to your website: 4 proven ways

Is your website not driving you any traffic? You probably need to work some more on web design. Does it not impress your visitors and potential clients? It’s probably not as appealing to them as it is for you. Do you want your website to aid you in your business or personal portfolio? If the answer is YES, then, by all means, read through.

If you’re struggling to impress your website visitors, here are some special tips which can help you turn visitors into leads and leads to customers or subscribers.

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1. Make your web design leave a good first impression.

It goes without saying that the first thing visitors see on a website is its visual presentation. Studies show that the first seven seconds is most critical as they decide whether to stay or leave. So how do you make them stay? Four things: have the appropriate color scheme, provide some eye-catching images, organize the content well, and make the navigation menu superbly visible.

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website first impressionThe color palette you utilize for your website should match with the target audience. If you’re expecting adult male visitors, it’s obviously not a good idea to use yellow, pink, or other striking colors. You may opt for darker and less conspicuous ones. The colors should also blend well with your images.

Organizing your content simply means placing information in strategic areas on a page without making them look messy and all over the place. Most importantly, you have to place the navigation menu on the most visible part of your website- the header. To make it even easier for visitors to navigate. The menu can also be positioned again in the footer.

2. Balance and make the content easy to comprehend.

More than a pretty web design, your visitors need your website’s content. After all, that’s the very motive of their visit. First, strike a balance between visuals and texts. There can’t be too much of both on your website. While placing few visuals is a choice, overloading a page with texts is going to cost you some subscribers or clients. But what if there really is much information you need to post? In this situation, you may use an accordion. An accordion is a collapsible content which allows you to hide and show a larger content with just a click. With this, you can furnish your website’s style without sacrificing any necessary information.

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A more important consideration to maintaining balance on your web page is a concise and clearly stated content. Remember that not all visitors have the luxury of time or attention span to read through a thousand-worded text about a single topic. So, remember to KISS- Keep It Short and Simple.

3. Post some testimonials.

If you are into business, nothing would impress would-be customers better than the testimonials of previous or existing clients. These testimonials from satisfied customers boost the credibility of your product or service. As a result, visitors will be, at the least, impressed and may even convert into new clientele. Note that these testimonials can best be placed on your homepage.


4. Make your website mobile friendly.

Among the trends in web design in this generation is making websites mobile-friendly. People nowadays use phones more often than they do computers. After all, mobile phones are more portable, allowing people to multitask, which is almost necessary for this busy world. Nonetheless, a mobile responsive website is crucial for your business. It does not only respond to potential customers need but is also a huge opportunity to solidify your business’s’ online presence.

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Jess Camacho
Jess Camacho
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